P.P. supporters

In no specific order, these folks have helped PEGACORN PRESS become a reality. Much love to everyone of them for their generous donations and all-around support!

Rebecca Kern
Rachel Mattson
Kevin Caplicki
Marissa Forbes
Ian Cozzens
Lydia Prentiss
Susan Sakash
Lex Non Scripta
Candace Williams
Hope Gutwrench
Marc Mazique
Jo Dery
Alex Turner
Jamie Baird
David Peterson
Colin Atrophy
Cookie Tuff
Lee Fearnside & Holly Hey
Danna Hoshino
Josh Coast
Tennessee Jones
Terri Bennett
Johnny Coast
Lee Houck
Sasha Wortzel
Katty Otto
Leah and Josh Carlebach
Jessica Atcheson
Shira Burton
Edie Fake
Alycia Sellie
Anna Beadle
Emily Tempte
Bill Scanga
Sandor Katz
Candle Light Press
TM LaLonde
Kat Case
+ three donors who wish to remain anonymous

Also, the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia deserves a mega-shout-out for providing me the space, supplies and the opportunity to work further on the press during their residency program. They're an amazing entity and if you ever find yourself in those northern regions, you should make a point to check them out!