Monday, April 23, 2012


I'll be honest: late winter/early spring has been ROUGH and I've just been trying to ride this crazy-wave, without being completely sucked into the insanity.  My pops, who has been seriously ill for many years now, is entering the final stages of his life- as one can expect, it's been a sad and hard process. I've gotten a lot of quality time in with him and am making peace/trying to accept the inevitable, but honestly, there's definitely been those moments where I've thought I might crumble. My poor dad- he's seriously gone through some hard-ass-shit! Even in the worst times though, this man can rally and to this day, he continues to inspire me with his dedication to life, humanity, and to always seeking/exploring/desiring more knowledge, even despite his failing health. An old badass, he is, without a fucking doubt.

That being said, there's nothing like a little work, particularly creative work, to keep you on point. Keep you fresh, inspired, still seeking the light, even when you feel like a gigantic POS. Working with Al and Brontez these past few months have helped to keep me going, kept my brain sharp, and they both deserve big props for being so extremely patient and understanding of all that's been going on. I've had to skip town for family emergencies and then both of my Risographs broke. Printing was delayed, emergency packages sent out with photocopied versions of the publications, endless printing sessions, collating parties with Al... I was feeling this past Mercury in retrograde. It's been a wildly frustrating time, particularly because I've just wanted these publications to exist in a tangible format and every obstacle has popped up. BUT! We're over the hump now, everything is printed and ready to be out in the world, so... many thanks to them, as well as my friends, sweet partner, and family, for helping me through such difficult times and for being so supportive. 

On that note, that I present these new Pegacorn Press releases, FAG SCHOOL #4, and Burn Collector #16, both of which I'm super excited about. 

Stay safe, get outside and enjoy the weather, and don't forget be good to one another-
Caroline Paquita

P.S. As usual, there's always projects in the works. If all goes as scheduled, expect for The Lesbian Lexicon, Womanimalistic #3, and the 2012 Paquita Calendar to be released in the fall. In the interim, you can find me in Chicago for CAKE in June- with MIKE TAYLOR!!!


Brontez is back with this new split zine- with himself! On tour with Sister Spit, he’s blowing minds across the nation with his awesome styles, calling it as he sees it, making you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

One side, “Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger?” is all new fiction and the flipside, “Join the Professionals,” is all interviews with such badasses as: Daniel Nicoletta, Kenyon Farrow, Michelle Tea, Javier Perez, Josh Cheon, Suppositori “Spaz” Spelling, Robert Yang AKA “Robot Hustle,” Justin Torres, Chris Owens, Tobi Vail, Juan Velasquez, and Stevie Shakes.

“Fag School is in session and I suggest you try to handle the full course load. This zine is fucking brilliant and amazing - always has been, and I think it might always will be.”-E. Fake

52 pages
7" x 8.5"
Blue and fluorescent pink ink
Saddle stitched

Currently, you can purchase it via Etsy, HERE

Frank J. Miles did this great interview with Brontez in January 2012:

"Most just live what they see. They experience it all, or not, but they dare not say it, and they remain out-of-sync. In his performances, multi-hyphenate artist Brontez Purnell sees things that rarely anyone identifies. And when he says it, the audience is left breathless, shocked by mirrors of recognition and familiarity.Purnell produced his first zine, “Schlepp Fanzine,” from his childhood home in Alabama. Since then, he moved to Tennessee and then to California to bring his original voice to music, dance, and the written word. In Oakland, he produced his next zine, Fag School, filled with filth, awe, and wonder. Because of his magnetic presence and lurid but honest portrayals of punk rock-infused queer life, Purnell has become somewhat of a star on the literary-reading circuit. His writing has appeared in Maximum Rock’N’Roll, the online edition of Jigsaw, and Mary: Literary. He also can be seen bringing his combination of truth-telling and heart to his punk rock band, The Younger Lovers.Purnell is not queercore – he is Brontez. Through all of his evolving art, he is in the world as himself. All of his art is unflinching and candid about the unspoken known: “Did he just say that?” – yes, he did, and he meant it, unselfconsciously, and he said it with a sweet touch and a relaxed empathy."

You can read the whole interview at:

Michelle Tea did this interview with him, before they set out for the SISTER SPIT 2012 tour:


Burn Collector #16 (April 2012) is sub-titled “Music and Mania,” and examines the intersection between creativity and losing your marbles. Street musicians, arena rock, classical vs. computers, Little Richard vs. Elvis, and a wide variety of other topics are discussed as Burian contends that “the modern musician is essentially a maniac, living on a delusional dream, whose basic project– putting forth a unique voice into the general din and calamity of the oversaturated information age– has so little chance of success as to make it an act of ultimate, incredible optimism.” The zine contains comics, essays, reviews, and interviews with musician Tim Remis and radical mental health activist Sascha DuBrul.

Al Burian is the author of the long-running personal zine Burn Collector. His work has garnered praise from such legitimate institutions as the Utne Reader and McSweeneys Best Nonrequired Reading. Beginning in the mid-nineties, Burian has distributed his work through the tight-knit network of the DIY punk music/art scene. He has published 16 issues of the zine, two anthologies, and a book of comics. He has been doing reading/speaking performances since the year 2000.

40 pages
5.5” x 8.5”
Blue, fluorescent pink, and raisin colored ink
Saddle stitched, with ROUNDED CORNERS!!!!

Currently, you can purchase it via Etsy, HERE

Author bio:
Born 1971 in New Hampshire (state motto: “live free or die”); grew up in North Carolina (state motto: “to be and not to seem”); was an iconoclastic character at an early age. In his early twenties he began touring incessantly with bands, simultaneously producing small-run photocopied pamphlets (“zines”). He has published two collections of his zine output, Burn Collector (2000) and Natural Disaster (2007), as well as a book of comics, Things Are Meaning Less (2003). He lives in Berlin.

For Al's most current rants and raves: 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lot's going on this weekend here in Brooklyn! You can find me at these fine events, two of which I'm actively participating in:

 Adee Roberson, Anna Luisa, Caitlin Sweet, Sam Lopes, and myself. 
Opening is on FRIDAY THE 13th, 7-10pm, at Wayfarers Gallery (1109 Dekalb, by Broadway). 
Come feel the magic of a bunch of totally tripped out babes AND be surrounded in a room bursting with color.
(Official after party will be the JUDY PARTY!)

Saturday, 8-11pm. Pegacorn Press released both of their latest issues and it's time to sit back and see these awesome freaks do their thing.

 Come by Public Assembly between 11-6pm and check out all the zine madness. Pegacorn Press will be there in FULL FORCE, with Al Burian at the table as well.

(Also, hot of the press: FAG SCHOOL #4 (by Brontez from The Younger Lovers and Gravy Train!!!) is finally done and available! So gooooooddddddd!!! I'll post all the new stuff after this insane weekend)