Tuesday, November 20, 2012

See ya later, 2012

2012 is wrapping up and what a better way to conclude the year (the one where everything was supposed to END), then to release a couple more publications via Pegacorn Press?

Above are a couple pictures of the completed 2013 Paquita Calendar and of Those Fucking Unicorns, by Sy Wagon. I'm overjoyed to be able to print and re-release this for Sy, who is not only a complete "babely" genius, but she's also someone that is continually inspiring, both artistically and in the day to day, "real life," kind of way. 
Those Fucking Unicorns is a mini-publication that is definitely not kid friendly, or for anyone who is not sex friendly in general (lots of cocks in this). Just a little FYI for any potential unicorn lovers who just are into anything that has unicorns in it- this is XXX material, straight up.

To sum it up even further, this is what I have to say about the release of both of these projects, at the same time...
"It's all about love for the ladies and a better understanding on what exactly unicorns do in their spare time to help the transition into 2013, the year where all the previous problems in the world are supposed to disappear..."

Yeah, I'm turning into a crystal loving freak-a-zoid, but that makes for better art, right?

Hoping to update this blog more this year- I seem to be better at maintaining the stores and everything else besides the "blog-o-sphere." Gonna try harder! Just make sure to always check the online stores if you're wondering what's out and available, as those are definitely more up to date...

Happy 2013!!!


P.S. The limited edition of Those Fucking Unicorns that were printed for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest are sold out! A new run should be available by December 1st.
P.P.S. Womanimalistic #1 has been re-printed finally and is available online. There's more than 2,500 of these floating around and I'm not sure if I'll re-print again. Time to move on!