Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicago, Coochies, Fermentation, Deals

Are you going to be in Chicago for CAKE? (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) If so, come find the Pegacorn Press table and hangout with me and Mike Taylor, as we sit around and be goofballs. I'll be participating in the panel discussion, "Start Your Own Micropress," so if you're into such things, it's looking like a great line-up of folks. Check the CAKE scheduling for more details, but I believe that it will be on Sunday the 17th, from 2-4pm.
Mike and I will probably be doing some kind of Chicago pizza reviews for SLICE HARVESTER, so check his blog soon for the ridiculousities.
Chicago, twice in one year? I'd never thought that would happen.....



A limited edition, work in progress, made originally while doing an artist's residency at the Roberts Street Social Centre (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in October 2011. The first edition of 32 was made using their "people's photocopier" and had a two color screen printed cover. This third edition printing of 300 was printed on my Risograph- the inner guts are printed with blue ink, the inner cover burgundy, while the cover sports both florescent pink and blue. 

The zine itself is all about ladies, "coochie," and random thoughts on oppressive male culture. Some of it is straight from my sketchbook, while some of it is more intentionally drawn. If you like the ladies and can appreciate drawings of lady parts, then this zine is for you!
8.5 X 5.5 in, saddle stitched, 16 pages of content, Risograph printed by Pegacorn Press

You can order it HERE    

ROGUSZYS- Lithuanian God of Pickled Foods poster

Three color Risograph print
Woo-woo! The Art of Fermentation, by Sandor Ellix Katz. Roguszys poster in top right.

Since being reproduced in Sandor Katz's new, and truly amazing book, The Art of Fermentation, (Chelsea Green, 2012) it's time to bring this favorite poster back. In celebration, a new edition has been printed on the Risograph this week and it's a great gift for anyone who is into anything fermented. As a total side note, I completely recommend the book itself- and not only because another illustration of mine was used as borders on the cover and in the book (yeah!)- but because Sandy's love of fermenting is completely contagious and will change your life, and taste buds, forever. He really is a gem! It was his book, Wild Fermentation, that inspired this poster to begin with.

A 3 color print (blue, burgundy, and black) on a very light gray paper (the same type that I use for my yearly calendars), it's legal sized, which is 8.5" X 14." 

Each print is unique from another as Risograph printing is always a little irregular. It comes signed on the back and sent flat, with cardboard backing, in a large envelope.

Long live all things fermented!!!

You can order it HERE


If package deals are your thing, Pegacorn Press has one for you RIGHT NOW! You can get the four newest publications for only $16 (shipping not included). Check it out HERE